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“I just LOVE Jackpot Journal. I have ACTUALLY WON 3 TIMES NOW!!! I was so shocked when I won! What made me try it was that it was FREE! I am so grateful I took a chance on this wonderful magazine!”

Heather V.Heather V.California

“I was very excited and didn't believe what I was reading. When I saw the Kindle Fire I was over joyed! But the $1000 check too? Just Wow! Thank you SO much!”

Robert D.Robert D.California

“WOW! Did you ever name your magazine right? "Jackpot" is EXACTLY what I got...Crosswords, puzzles, mazes, sudoku, great recipes, and articles. Holy cow! Please send more my way & THANKS!”

Marcie C.Marcie C.California

“Thank you so much for the  $50.00 gift card. I very much enjoy the Jackpot Journal each month, especially the puzzles. I am a BIG puzzle fan. I love solving puzzles and really enjoyed getting a prize for doing so. What a great idea.”

Jack H.Jack H.Mississippi

“Love EVERYTHING about Jackpot Journal. Featured articles are always helpful, recipes are always yummy. Contest + puzzle are super fun!! Keep up the good work. You are THE BEST!! ”

Cece B.Cece B.Maryland

“I secretly get excited at the end of each month when I find Jackpot Journal in my mailbox! I never gave up hope that I could win, and was so excited to see my brand new 40" TV waiting for me when I got home!”

Walter F.Walter F.North Carolina

“I am so excited to be a winner!!! AGAIN!! Last year I won a kindle and I was shocked! Then the Gold Keepsake and now another kindle and a Christmas Inflatable!! Keep it up! You guys rock! Thank you!”

Heather E.Heather E.California

“When you see that large envelope in your mailbox your heart starts to pound. You're happy proud and thrilled because you know you've won a fabulous gift from Jackpot Journal.”

Barbara F.Barbara F.Michigan

“This is my first time winning anything and it feels great to win. It makes me proud to see a company that actually cares about its customers and really gives back to its contest winners. Thank you!!

Hunter J.Hunter J.Lousianna